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Entrepreneur & Investor

Mark Accomando

Over the last 15 years, I have been obsessed with helping other entrepreneurs build great organizations from the inside out. Over the course of my career, I helped transform an analog business into a fast growing technology company and eventually led that company through a successful exit, launched a venture capital firm, and invested in dozens of early stage companies.


While a few of these companies experienced great exits, the majority more failed to achieve their potential. Like all entrepreneurs and investors, it was not my successes, but rather my failures where I have learned the most. And, these failures often boiled down to three common issues: blurry long-term vision, poor execution, and/or unhealthy team dynamics.

I was first introduced to the book Traction and EOS in 2015 while a graduate student, but to my chagrin, the timing was not right and the message did not resonate with me in an academic setting, outside of the real world application. Therefore, my one regret is that I spent the next eight years building a company and supporting dozens of others without the Entrepreneurial Operating System. 

Fast forward those eight years, I was reintroduced to EOS and the timing was perfect. My firm sought EOS and Jay Tankersley to help us clarify our vision and build a healthy team.

As a proud member of the Meritage family, I get to live my true passion of helping entrepreneurs build remarkable organizations while living better lives. 

Based on this experience, I seek EOS clients who have raised or are seeking to raise venture capital or private equity.

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