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Our goal is to help companies grow

Fall Leaves

When you work with us, you are working with fellow entrepreneurs. This means you tap into our own real-world operating and investing experience and time in the trenches. We have walked a mile in your shoes.

Merit + Heritage

Successful businesses are built on a strong and comprehensive vision. Each day, the name Meritage reminds us not only of what we do, but how we do it.

Wine Bottles

Our team combines merit and heritage, embodying experienced entrepreneurs. Just like the renowned red wine, Meritage, our name signifies excellence. When you see "Meritage" on a wine label, you can expect a superb blend of the finest vintage. Similarly, our team's diverse talents create an unparalleled balance of expertise in our industry. Take a closer look at what we offer, and you'll witness our exceptional blend of skills.


Over 40 years ago, our founders united to oversee venture capital and private equity funds. Since then, we've raised over $1 billion across multiple funds and supported ten companies in surpassing $1 billion valuations.


Through our years of experience, we've gained valuable insights on running thriving entrepreneurial ventures. We have developed a clear preference for partnering with companies that align with our values. As a team of proactive problem solvers, our focus is on making ethical choices. Today, our passion lies in supporting entrepreneurs by providing equity and expertise, fostering the growth of remarkable organizations.

Let us help you grow, through
Equity & Expertise 

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