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Entrepreneur & Investor

Jay Tankersley

Over the last 25+ years I have been obsessed with helping entrepreneurs and leadership teams build remarkable organizations. I have scaled and exited two companies and made growth equity investments in dozens of others.


Like all entrepreneurs and investors, it was not my successes, but rather my failures from which I have learned the most. Each and every one of my failures was characterized by one or more of the following: blurry long-term vision, poor execution or unhealthy team dynamics.


As a result, one of my deepest frustrations is that I did not discover the Entrepreneurial Operating System earlier in my career.


I was initially introduced to EOS in 2013 as a CEO when I led my leadership team and company through an EOS implementation. Since that time, every aspect of my professional life runs on EOS — our firm, our clients and our investments — and each one is immensely better as a result.


Today, at Meritage, I help companies that have raised or are looking to raise outside capital implement EOS. In addition, I am the co-founder and Chief Investment Officer of Meritage's current fund, TF Investors, the first and currently only professionally-managed pool of capital providing growth equity to companies running on EOS.


One hundred percent of my focus and my true passion is to help entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial leadership teams build remarkable organizations while living their ideal lives.

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