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Jack Tankersley

Entrepreneur & Investor

For the last 40+ years, I have formed and managed venture capital and private equity funds, raising in excess of $1 billion from institutional investors. While this sounds like a lot of money, we are a relatively small player, and the bulk of our capital was invested in small entrepreneurial enterprises. Despite our small size, ten of our portfolio companies have exited for valuations in excess of $1 billion … and we believe our next $1 billion exit is “in the oven”.

Over this timeframe, I have worked closely with scores of entrepreneurs and have led strategy sessions for virtually all of our companies. In doing so, I was constantly frustrated by the difficulty most companies had in operationalizing strategy. Therefore, my one regret is that I did all of this without knowledge of the Entrepreneurial Operating System.

I was introduced to Traction by a portfolio CEO and was so impressed with the system’s ability to embed strategy into operations that I have become a Certified EOS Implementer. By doing so I am now living my passion of helping people build remarkable organizations.

Based on this experience, I seek EOS clients which have raised or are seeking to raise venture capital or private equity.

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