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Bart Lorang

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Entrepreneur & Investor

Over the last 30+ years, I have founded and scaled several high-growth technology companies. I am a co-founder of two venture capital firms and have invested in hundreds of early stage startups.


While twelve (12) of these startups experienced great exits at valuations in excess of $1B, dozens more failed to achieve their potential. These failures were frequently due to a blurry long-term vision, poor execution, or unhealthy team dynamics.


Therefore, one of my regrets is that I spent much of my career without the knowledge of the Entrepreneurial Operating System.


I was introduced to EOS in 2014 by Jack Tankersley (‘Godfather of Colorado VC’). Since then, my entire life has run on EOS: my companies, my investments, and even my family; all are immensely better as a result.


When Jack invited me to team up with Meritage to implement EOS for venture backed companies, I jumped at the chance to pursue my true passion: helping entrepreneurs build remarkable organizations while living better lives.


Based on this experience, I seek EOS clients within the technology industry that have raised or are seeking to raise venture capital or private equity.

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